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What to Expect at EMS

Lots of New Things to Adjust to:
Lockers… lunch periods… change classes. These are just a few of the new things that middle school students have to adjust to.

A Busier Schedule:
Middle school students have more activities, more homework, and more responsibilities. Middle school students, therefore, need to be more organized.

New Rules:
It’s your responsibility to learn what the rules are. Read the student handbook, it is located in your planner and will be handed out on the first day of school.

More Independence:
You’ll have a chance to choose classes and activities that interest you. Pick your own topics for long-term assignments, such as research projects and book reports.

Getting organized is your ticket to success:
Use your planner. All students enrolled at EMS will receive a planner this can help you to keep track of when things are due. You need to take it to every class and write down assignments, meetings, and practices too. Don’t forget to keep your locker neat. A messy locker can slow you down and make you late for class. Getting organized takes practice. But you’ll soon see it’s worth the effort!

Make the Most of Eufaula Middle School:
You will have a chance to choose classes and activities that interest you. You will go to a different classroom for each subject. Some classes may be longer than others. You’ll need to learn where each class is, and what time it starts. Don’t worry, you’ll find your way in no time. Instead of having a desk to store your things in, you will have a locker with a built-in combination lock. You’ll be responsible for keeping it neat.

Please Remember:

  • Make time for homework
  • Be Friendly
  • Get Involved
  • Be Yourself